Massachusetts Board of Bar Overseers
Registration Department

Attorney Lookup

  1. Attorney's contact information, current status, etc

  2. Attorney's BBO#

  3. Attorney's record of public discipline

  4. Not kept by the BBO: Attorney's law school, specialty, or win/loss record

Attorney Registration and Payment
     (Commonly asked questions)

  1. Register online and pay my yearly fee online or by mail

  2. Pay my online registration

  3. Obtain a Certificate of Good Standing in Massachusetts

  4. Register a name change

  5. Register under In-House Counsel status

  6. Update my IOLTA information

  7. Update my professional liability insurance information

  8. Pay and register my Pro Hac Vice application fee

  9. Register an address and email change

  10. Wire my registration payments (Overseas attorneys only)

  11. Print the Board of Bar Overseers Form W-9 information

Registration Rules

  1. Attorney registration (SJC 4.02)

  2. Attorney registration fees (SJC 4.03)

  3. Registration fees (table)

  4. Registration statuses (table)

  5. Implications of accepting non-active status

  6. Access to Justice fee

  7. Required disclosure of liability insurance

  8. Becoming licensed to practice law in Massachusetts

  9. Beginning practice if sworn in, but not yet in receipt of a bar card

  10. Lapsed registrations

  11. Who is eligible for Clerk status

  12. Obtaining a grievance or disciplinary history letter

  13. Assuming Pro Bono status

  14. Massachusetts IOLTA (brief)

  15. IOLTA registration instructions and rule 1.15 (original announcement)

Other Attorney Questions

  1. What is my BBO Number?

  2. What is my balance?

  3. When am I due to register?

  4. What if I lose my bar card?

  5. How can I get advice on a matter of professional ethics?

  6. How do I resign from the Bar?